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Image Anime
Name (kanji) : n/a
Pays : Japon Japon
Format : Série
Type : Shônen
Genre : Comedie, Action, Policier
Studio : Sunrise
Année : 1987
Episodes : 51
Auteur : HÔJÔ Tsukasa
Statut : Terminée
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Titre Artist Description
A Love No One Can Change Kamiya Akira
Ai yo Kienaide Kohiruimaki Kahoru Opening 1 (City Hnuter)
Angel Night video available PSY·S Opening 1 (City Hnuter 2)
Angel Night (TV size) video available PSY·S Opening 1 (City Hunter 2)
Atsuku Naretara Suzuki Kiyomi ED (City Hnuter 3)
Blue Air Message Ohuchi Yoshiaki Insert Song
Candy Kubou Ruriko
Chance Kamiya Akira Insert Song
City Heat Ogura Ryou
Down Town Game Gwinko OP (City Hunter'91)
Down Town Game (TV size) video available Gwinko OP (City Hunter'91)
Earth PSY·S Insert Song
Escape Kitadai Momoko Insert Song
Footsteps Kitadai Momoko Insert Song
Forever In My Heart Kristen Steinhauer Insert Song
Get Wild T.M Network Ending 1 (City Hnuter)
Get Wild (TV size) T.M Network Ending 1 (City Hunter)
Gimme Shock Kamiya Akira
Give Me Your Love Tonight Suzuki Kiyomi Insert Song
Go Go Heaven Oosawa Yoshiyuki Opening 2
Hold Me Tight Red Monster
Illusion City Sex Machineguns
Just Like Magic Red Monster
Juurokuya Takahashi Mariko Movie 357
Lonely Lullaby Kamiya Akira Insert Song
Love Games Yurie Kokubu Insert Song
Machi-juu Sophisticate Kamiya Akira Insert Song
May Be Rich Konta
Midnight Rain Anima Insert Song
More More Shiawase Oginome Youko OAV
Mr. Private Eye Yuko Ootaki Insert Song
Name Of The Game Jennifer Cihi Insert Song
Never Go Away Kitadai Momoko Insert Song
No No No Ogura Ryou Insert Song
Onegai Kiss Me Again Naoko Shimada Insert Song
Only In My Dreams Yurie Kokubu
Otherwise Konta
Owari No Nai Katamuki Oosawa Yoshiyuki Insert Song
Party Down Kitadai Momoko Insert Song
Ride On The Night Humming Bird
Rock My Love Oginome Youko OAV
Running to Horizon Komuro Tetsuya OP (City Hnuter 3)
Running to Horizon (TV size) video available Komuro Tetsuya OP (City Hunter 3)
Sara Fence of Defence Opening 2 (City Hnuter 2)
Sara (TV size) video available Fence of Defence Opening 2 (City Hunter 2)
Shuumatsu no Soldier Mika Kaneko Movie 357
Shy Ni Sexy Mari Nishizono Insert Song
Smile & Smile Aura ED (City Hunter'91)
Smile & Smile (TV size) video available Aura ED (City Hunter'91)
Snow Light Shower Kazue Ikura
Sometimes, Get My Love Jetzt Insert Song
Still Love Her T.M Network Ending 2 (City Hnuter 2)
Still Love Her (TV size) T.M Network Ending 2 (City Hunter 2)
Suna No Castle No Casanova Kitadai Momoko Insert Song
Super Girl Okamura Yasuyuki Ending 1 (City Hnuter 2)
The Pressure Anima Insert Song
Want Your Love Kitadai Momoko Insert Song
We Can Make It FEN
What’s Goin On Kohiruimaki Kahoru Insert Song
Without You Jennifer Cihi Insert Song
Woman Anne-Louise
You Never Know My Heart Tachibana Mayumi Insert Song
Your Secrets Kitadai Momoko Insert Song