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DAYS デイズVideo Available

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Titre Artist Description
DAYS video available Shout it Out Ending 2
Don't think feel!! Miyano Mamoru Character Song
ENJOYMENT Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Character Song
Everlasting Days Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Ending 1
EVERLASTING DAYS (Kazama Ver.) Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Character Song
EVERLASTING DAYS (Kimishita Ver.) Daisuke Ono Character Song
EVERLASTING DAYS (Oshiba Ver.) Miyano Mamoru Character Song
EVERLASTING DAYS (Tsukushi Ver.) Takuto Yoshinaga Character Song
FIGHTING ROAD Daisuke Ono Character Song
Higher Climber video available Howl Be Quiet Opening 2
Run or Run! Takuto Yoshinaga Character Song
Wake We Up Howl Be Quiet Opening 1