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Hold on, we pushing through now
Don't let it get to you, wow, don't get proud
Don't let your ego get loud
We trying to keep our feet on the ground
We gotta work this out

*Hold on, cause I'm slipping
Catch me if I fall, cause your tripping
Don't you get ahead of yourself
In the past you given me hell, I'll brace myself

**I still wonder if you love me the right way
I still wonder if you understand
What you've done, you've done, you've done, love
You've done, you've done, love
You've done, you've done, love

What was said and done, wasn't good
We had some fun, did what we could
But, baby, you strayed, I stayed, I stayed here
Wonder if things change
Stay around stay the same
I still, I still love, love


Stayed around, I stayed around
Held you down, I held you down
But you don't get it, no
Maybe I should go
Stayed around, I stayed around
Tell me now, just tell me now
I can't take no more
What do I do this for?

**repeat [x2]