Arknights Reimei Zensō

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Anime Arknights Reimei Zensō, Arknights: Prelude to DawnArknights Reimei ZensōArknights: Prelude to Dawn
Detail Opening 1
Artist ReoNaReoNa
Composer rui (fade)rui (fade)
Lyricist ReoNa, rui (fade)ReoNa rui (fade)
I've walked the road of lies and misery
Nanimo nokottenai na
Scars of the past is what makes me who I am
Kobore ochiteku ochiteku

Kaze ga subete netsu wo ubatteku
I feel my heart aching inside

Nani wo mamotte kizutsukete ima made ikite kita'n darou
To find the truth in everything rifujin to tatakatte
You see machigai ja nai to
'Cause I'm still alive
I feel alive, with this pain