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Sora no Parade (TV size)

Anime Granblue Fantasy the AnimationGranblue Fantasy the Animation
Detail Ending 1
Artist HARUHI (singer)HARUHI (singer)
Composer HARUHI (singer)HARUHI (singer)
Lyricist HARUHI (singer)HARUHI (singer)
My knees I stay hoshizora ni
Me wo tojite
I find you there so happy in the dark
Yami no naka hitori de the sky parade is calling
So come along mitsukedashite

Nami ga takaku the tide will come

Yakusoku suru make you smile
Mae wo muite aruite
The times you held yourself and cried
Kono sekai to issho ni
Taking that road from a beast to a God
Itsuka you'll be above the sky