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Anime OverlordOverlord
Detail Ending 1
Don't you give me your love and passion ?

(Believe in love even though
There're borders and disturbance and more
I'm the only one who loves you
Because I'm crazy about you)

Let's ride to hell. Tsuijuu shite Go
Issho nara mushiro shinitai ja nai
Beyond the line hate nanka nai
I swear, I'm gonna be so fxxking grateful

Blessing word anata wa shikou
Meirei ni Your highness chuujitsu ni Follow
You give orders watashi wa shinai
Naniyori toutoi mono yo

You don't know why my love is crying
Gyouchaku shitai kajou na kurai
Towa ni naritai don't wanna cry
Shitto mousou kuruisou yo

Don't you give me your love and passion ?
Ai to wa boudou shoudou Let go
Kokoro ijou ni honnou, haato made More youkyuu shitai
I don't want to live in a world without you
Anata igai no kono mirai wo Kill it, kill it
I would be happy to kill it for my love

(I'm imaging now. If you're mine,
It's like a paradise and haven and more
You're the only man who I love
In my life and destiny and all)

Don't you give me your love and passion ?
I know the border. It should be wrecked, go