Those Obnoxious Aliens

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Every Day

Anime Lam, the Invader Girl, Lamu, Those Obnoxious Aliens, Urusei YatsuraLam, the Invader GirlLamuThose Obnoxious AliensUrusei Yatsura
Detail Ending 08
Artist SteffanieSteffanie
I wandered alone
in the rain
Ah, once upon a time

And it was so cold
till you came
and made it so fine

* And baby, baby, you
You changed my life
Oh baby
Can you feel it too?
Getting better
every day

** Every day I fall in love
In love again with you
Every day you fill me up
with dreams you make come true

Every day you bring the sun
and chase the night away
Every day, my precious one,
I pray you're gonna stay
I need you every day

And right from the start
it was clear
this love is gonna last

I fall all apart
when you're near
I need you so bad

* Repeat
** Repeat
I need you every day

** Repeat and fade