Those Obnoxious Aliens

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Remember My Love

Anime Lam, the Invader Girl, Lamu, Those Obnoxious Aliens, Urusei YatsuraLam, the Invader GirlLamuThose Obnoxious AliensUrusei Yatsura
Detail Movie 3 : Remember My Love - ED Theme
Artist SteffanieSteffanie
I wanna thank you for
all the trust and devotion
Thank you for the good times
For your love
Love as deep as any ocean
Though for a while we may go separate ways
I know nothing can come between us
Oh, No matter what people say

* Say you will remember my love
Say you never will lose sight of
the light we found to guide us
Say you will remember my love
Call me any lonely night, love
You know I'm on your side

Well all around the world
people looking for someone
to have and belong to
needs a love to hold on to
And when you find someone, you'll open your eyes
to the beauty that's all around you
Oh, and I'm So happy I found you, love

* Repeat