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Composer Nishizawa ShienaNishizawa Shiena
Lyricist Nishizawa ShienaNishizawa Shiena
How are you? I'm Shiena.
There's something I want you to know today.
I like singing. I like playing the guitar.
I like my family. I like my friends. And I like myself.
Because everything I have experienced
so far has created what I am now.
I am thankful to all the fun, happiness,
and sad feelings I've gone through in my life.
In order to memorize 25 years of my life,
I just write it down here like a diary.
Thank you for finding me.
I got reborn as an artist EXiNA

What I'm singing for?
What I met you for?
What I'm crying for?
What I was born for?

Shining stars are gift for precious days
Only the simple thing is wonderful
Let's not forget to die and live a life
Time passes by
Truth is just in there