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Dark Crow (TV size)

Anime Vinland SagaVinland Saga
Detail Opening 2
Composer Kamikaze Boy (MAN WITH A MISSION)Kamikaze Boy (MAN WITH A MISSION)
Lyricist Jean-Ken Johnny (MAN WITH A MISSION), Kamikaze Boy (MAN WITH A MISSION)Jean-Ken Johnny (MAN WITH A MISSION) Kamikaze Boy (MAN WITH A MISSION)
Mezashi aruita yozora no mukou de wa
Tada ichiwa no karasu ga
Sekasu you ni sakenda

Tooku mukashi no kioku de wa tada no
Dokuro no kage ga waratta
Kao mitesou waratta
Oh ohohoh

So I just bleed and feel the blood I have inside me
Holding to the creed and blade to slay thee

Carry on the oath until my last scene
Higher than the sky and deeper than the sea

Keep your precious justice to yourself bud
Use it till they're torn become a pile of mud

I don't need their choice or voice to judge me
The one and only way I had and always seek

Anyone everyone I will crush 'em all
Enemies Let'em see Now I see you fall
Kings and gods, Change the odds
I'm the one who makes my final call

Kizu mo kako mo kodoku sae mo
Nigiritsubushi tada aragau
Keep your crown, I'll take you down
I'm the one who makes my final call