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STRONG (MYV "Exclusive" ver.)

Artist(s) / 歌手、バンド
Ey yo, let's go c'mon.
We've got no time 2 b down alone.
See, the world still goes around the crowds a bounce, dance on the ground.
Cuz it don't matter if u r gon b gone or not.

Now look at the man in the mirror.
Is he a winner? Or just a story teller?
U r the only one who knows yo errors.

Embrace your memory, accept your history.
No matter wat, let's dive 3, 2,1 , set, go.

Be strong, all 4 your love

Tho no escapin fate, im gon make my own frame.
Ready 2 face my point of break.
U may've lost everything but u gained many things
like the fact u r standin here, y'all got no time let's go.

Be strong, all 4 your love n 2 b loved.