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Detail Overlord - Opening Theme Cover
Composer Masayoshi OishiMasayoshi Oishi
Lyricist hotaruhotaru
Just go a way
Find away
Where's my soul?

It's like a fear
I'm having a long nightmare
Look in the mirror and all l've got is bones
I'm in a panic? Get out, hurry
Oh, there're mysteries and miseries

Dead or alive
I seem to be cornered now
When if you wander right to left to hell
Lonely invided
Emo is dead out
Let's count 1,2,3 steps on this dark stage

Raise your flag, march on, fight
Mask that cannot be undone
Try to touch it, you just hear the sound of bones clattering
Wars and swords, tears and blood
Strength flooding out of me
Suddenly they started coming on

Just go a way
Find away
Where's my soul? Where's my heart?
Only the beat tells the fact that I'm here
Don't hesitate, go this way
What can I try? I don't mind
Even if it's a deception

All I want now is live through this world
Ah, feelings l'd almost forgotten about get in the way
Here's Misery-World

Feel cold 'cause no one's around or midnight
In darkness of black always drives me mad
Where is that star now? I found the star now
But it's so beautiful, I'm so doubtful

During the midst of confusion, it is desire
Looking out over sky and land and sea
Bystander movement
Absolute control
I rise 1.2.3 steps to the royal throne

Cast a spell, call them up
Surrounded by despair
Only emptiness would energize us here
Shouts and barks, grief and death
Those who shivering there
Let me tell that there is no mercy

Nothing's gonna stay
Just obey
Break it all, take it all
So much so that there is nothing left
I just pray, or just play?
Not like that, why can't I stop?
Always be suspicious until end

Reclaim what you have lost and remember who you are
Ah, madness slowly seeps inside
It makes you different guy
We are in crazy world

Invisible emotions and the body that actually exists here
Keep your promise to your past self
Swear it now or game'll end

Just throw away
Go a way
Where's my soul? Where's my heart?
Trust your will and never be afraid
Don't hesitate, go this way
What can I try?
I don't mind if this is real thing or just dreaming

All I want now is live through this world
No matter where you are headed, this is where you'll always be
Here we are Misery-World