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ONE OK ROCK Vidéo(s)

Jibun ROCK

Kyou mo kimi wa shinjiru koto Wasurezu ni mizame rarete imasu ka ? Toki ga tatsu to jibun sae mo shinjire na...

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You take me back and show me you're The only one Reveal the way you got me, I've got to run You're still...

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Take what you want (featuring 5 Seconds of Summer)

Take what you want Take what you want and go Sugisatta arashi no ato no shizukesa Tatazunda tonari ni kimi wa...

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Taking Off

Stuck in the same routine Living an empty dream When am I gonna wake up ? Thought we had it right Now it's...

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The Beginning

Just give me a reason To keep my heart beating Don’t worry it’s safe right here in my arms As the world...

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Rurouni Kenshin (movie) - Opening theme

The Way Back -Japanese Ver.-

I am still broken in two parts There is my mind, there is my heart No way for me to run and hide Umaku...

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We are

They think that we're no one We're nothing, not sorry They push us It's too late, it's too late Not going...

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